Transcript of Radio Bob Millen, Rod Callen & Pat Boyle speaking with David Lytle of the Oregon Humane Society

Listen to KPAM 860 interview. Five star interview. Kudos to Oregon Humane Society and KPAM radio. Oregon Humane Society distances themselves from HSUS and radio commentator who had been a donor to HSUS will give donations to local animal shelter instead. Oregon Humane Society is not in any way affiliated with HSUS and it sounds like at this time at least they are glad to be able to say that. Special thanks to Jackie Jahn for transcribing this interview.

Bob KPAM: Great to have you on the show we’ve really been talking to a lot of people and a very emotional topic is this, the whole Michael Vick thing and the Dog Fighting thing & you know if you wanna I guess put a positive spin on this and it’s a fact - if Michael Vicks conviction didn’t do anything else it brought to light just how prevalent this dog fighting is in this country. How prevalent is it in the State of Oregon?

David Lytle OHS: You know it’s an underground economy in the State of Oregon but we think it’s just as bad here as it is Nationwide.

Bob KPAM: I was reading on CNN Crime that one of the things the Michael Vick conviction has done is driven dog fighting further underground, they’re getting creative with it, now doing it online and in truck, you know semi-rigs those kinda things, are you aware of all that?

David Lytle OHS: Yeah it’s getting harder and harder to find. Even the last big case in Oregon was Quintel Woods, the Blazer player,, back in 2005 and a news reporter stumbled across that when she saw him trading/selling dogs in this alleyway and was just suspicious and she followed it and she kept following it and eventually the Police led to a dog fight gang that was going on so these people are very smart, they keep it concealed, they’re good at it and you have to have a real crack team of detectives to get into these things.

Bob KPAM: Is this an urban thing or a Suburban thing?

David Lytle OHS: It happens everywhere Bob, cities, suburbs, rural areas no place is off limits to it.

Pat KPAM: How big of a business is it? How much money is tied up in it?

David Lytle OHS: There are some £80 millions (?) of dollars – I mean there was just a big bust in the Mid-West, in Missouri, I believe there were some 300 some dogs and people were gambling all the time. People could put $1000s a bet so you do the math it ads up awfully fast.

Bob KPAM: Could you remind us of the outcome of the Quintel Woods case & where are the dogs?

David Lytle OHS: Well, the dogs are Hollywood and Sugar, fortunately we found very nice homes for both those dogs & they’re living good lives today and Quintel – he paid a $10,000 fine he pled guilty to 1st degree animal abuse as I recall and his career basically went down the toilet after that. He was let go by the Blazers like a hot potato, he bounced around the Leagues and I think he plays in Poland right now.

Bob KPAM: Poland?

David Lytle OHS: Yeah Poland.

Bob KPAM: Uh OK. So why the big fine and all the horrible stuff, I mean not horrible, it’s the law but I mean all the things that happened to Michael Vickand not Quintel Woods?

David Lytle OHS: Well Michael Vicks case was much worse. He was involved in an ongoing criminal conspiracy over six years. Involved money & betting and he personally electrocuted, shot, drowned dogs so he was part of a vast conspiracy and he was personally guilty of killing animals. I don’t think that was ever alleged with Quintel, on either count, Quintel was more of an amateur at this kind of thing. Michael Vick was the professional gangster, orchestrating the show.

Bob KPAM: Is this errr… I know cockfighting is also something that goes on in basements of places and warehouses and those sorts of things. Are there other animals, I mean this has aroused, I guess a little bit of my curiosity, are there other animals that people fight besides dogs and chickens?

David Lytle OHS: Not that I know of at least those two that come to the surface quickest and we’ve got legislation and police officers dealing with both, I haven’t heard of anything else.

Rod KPAM: Hey David would you guys invite Michael Vick to Oregon  to speak out against dog fighting?

David Lytle OHS: We certainly would not at the Oregon Humane Society. We don’t….we think there’s a lot better spokespeople than Michael Vick to do this.I mean he personally had a hand in killing these animals, we haven’t seen any remorse. We think we can find a lot better people than Michael Vick.

Bob KPAM: Do you think he should be allowed to play football??

David Lytle OHS: I’ll say this, if I were living in Philadelphia I would never attend another Eagles game. I used to love watching the Eagles erm Donovan **** and I stil like Donovan *** now but I’ll tell you this I’m never gonna root for the Eagles again. I think they made a huge mistake inhiring the guy.

Pat KPAM: Well isn’t Michael Vick going to have some association with the National Humane Society? And do you know what that’s going to be?

David Lytle OHS: Yeah he is er…JUST to clear things up – we are NOT related to the National Humane Society in ANY way. We’re the Oregon Humane Society but they hired him, I dunno if hired is the right word, to be a spokesperson to speak out about dogfightin in urban areas. I’m hoping that works out for them. I know they’ve just started that and they’re waiting to see how it works out themselves.

Bob KPAM: You know you just brought up something and it’s a little bit off topic here but here we go with this again. We talked about this on the show – so the Oregon Humane Society has nothing AT ALL to do with the National Society?

David Lytle OHS: Yeah we’re a TOTTALY independent Agency. Every Humane Society is different, it messes up people when they’re trying to make their donations so they think they’re giving to US – that’s not true

Bob KPAM: See that’s where…

David Lytle OHS: If you want to support local shelters then give to your local Humane Society.

Bob KPAM: You know what? I absolutely WILL. My wife and I are in the process of getting that changed anyway and I don’t think….not thatI think there’s anything wrong with the National Humane Society except one thing – I brought this up on the programme before. The thing that drives me crazy…because my wife & I have been contributing to the National Humane Society [Humane Society of the United States] for 20 some years and I MEAN contributing too but I mean they sometimes give you these gifts every month. I mean we get a blanket then we get a key chain and every month we get these gifts and I’m like “Dude’s I mean I don’t NEED more keychains – take the mney and spend it on taking care of the animals” and I then thought it was the Oregon Humane Society doing all that – I’m glad I found out it’s not – do you send all that stuff out?

David Lytle OHS: We don’t

Bob KPAM: Good

David Lytle OHS: We run a very clean mean machine at the Oregon Humane Society, we got some of the best efficiences for Fund Raising of any organization in the country.

Bob KPAM: Well we’re in the process of swapping this out so you’ll be getting a cheque.

David Lytle OHS: I LOVE it! Er but yeah that’s a big difference between the 2 organisations. We focus on sheltering the animals right here in Oregon.

Bob KPAM: Good to know.

Pat KPAM: David, just quickly….why do you think Quintel Woods was shunned by that sport and Michael Vick has not been shunned by football?

David Lytle OHS: I’d like to say Oregon is a great place and we’ve got great Humane values in Oregon and we see people with great big hearts here open to animals and I’d also like to say with Michael Vick – you gotta remember there’s 32 teams in the NFL – 31 of those teams said NO to Michael Vick – only 1 – Philadelphia came forward – what does that tell you?

Rod: Also Michael Vick was the highest paid player in the League, basically because he was the top-flight quarter back – Quintel Woods was a marginal NBA player at best.

David Lytle OHS: Yeah and that’s kind of a sad double standard

Bob KPAM: Well it is.

David Lytle OHS: I hate to think we have

Rod: That’s just the reality

Bob KPAM: No no I understand but it’s a sad kinda statement, David, thank you

David Lytle OHS: They shoulda been treated the same you know? Star althetes should not get a free pass on lack of moral character.

Bob KPAM: There you go. David, thanks so much, we’ll talk again

David Lytle OHS: Hey, My pleasure, take care

Bob KPAM: Alright, there we go, David Lytle, Communications Officer for the Oregon Humane Society 7:48 KPM…..

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