Corporate partner's list for the Philadelphia Eagles

When Michael Vick's co-conspirator wanted to give away the dogs who lost a fight instead of viciously and sadistically killing them Vick's answer was "no, they'll have to go." He was saying they all had to be killed. After the Humane Society got Vick's dogs they also ordered them all killed. Bad Rap kennels, Best Friends and a few other small shelters, not funded by the Humane Society, demanded HSUS turn the dogs over to them to nurture the tortured dogs to recover as best they could. Neither the Humane Society of the United States nor Michael Vick were willing to give the dogs a second chance. They deserved another chance and it had it been up to the largest and richest animal rights/welfare organizations and Michael Vick they would have been denied it.

So now they all want to talk about how important second chances are. But Michael Vick's second chance was when he got out of the ghetto into his fancy homes and was making millions playing football. He chose to give it all up by fighting dogs , lying and doing drugs. That was his second chance. Now the HSUS, the NFL and many others think we should give him yet another chance? Hell NO! Why so he can blow this chance, too, and the next, and the next?

Vick has done nothing to deserve yet another chance, nor his celebrity, nor to be a role model for urban youth, nor his a million plus per year salary back. What has he done to deserve cultural applause? Nothing Forget that second chance for Vick and give it to someone who hasn't had a single chance, much less blown chances at every turn with impunity.

BOYCOTT all "corporate partners" of the Eagles!!!!

Pepsi - 800-433-2652
Rite Aid - 717-761-2633

Dunkin Donuts -XXXXXXX
Snapple - 800-696-5891
7-Eleven - 800-255-0711

TastyKake - 215-221-8500
Miller Lite - 800-645-5376
Best Buy - 888-237-8289
Budweiser - 800-342-5283
ReMax - 303-770-5531

We have been wrongly calling these companies "sponsors". Eagles management calls them "corporate partners" and partnership makes them directly complicit. Being "founding partners" means these top corporations founded the Eagles and that makes them totally responsible for the decision to hire Michael Vick.

Thanks to Dick's Sporting Goods for refusing to sell Vick t-shirts. They took a loss rather than sell them.

The graphic on the left shows how their original looked

Also see sponsors list for the Philadelphia Eagles. Boycott the Humane Society. Nova Care, Lincoln Financial Group, U.S. Airways, Tastykake, TEVA, Jefferson hospitals, ticket exchange, WM Think Green, REMAX, Rite AID, SCA, Snapple, Splenda (List not complete yet.)

Please feel free to reproduce and distribute these graphics freely; also consider for postering at demonstrations.

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